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Hello everyone my name is Darryl Mulo and this will be my first official blog. A few things about myself before we begin. I am 25 years old currently, born in Germany, graduated from university with an Engineering degree. I've played sports throughout my life. Currently I serve in the Military, Personal train and look to expand on social media in helping people "Optimize themselves"

Situation / Story ( Perfection )

As you know we've been told throughout our lives practice makes perfect and all these sayings around it. Even in terms of friendships, relationships and so much more. You always have these expectations to what another should be or what an experience will be and so on. Basically unrealistic expectations especially when we do not meet it ourselves or are working towards it

MISSION / MOTIVE ( Perfection )

While perfection has its pros and cons. Which can helps us be the best versions of ourselves chasing it or using it to have these unrealistic expectations of people, experiences , services and so much more. The motive is to use it to be better, what I mean is by constantly chasing perfection you are bettering yourself why because perfection cant be reached. It takes someone humble to know that you can always be improving no matter what. Having the thought that you are perfect or that you've reached it is an attitude of entitlement because it shows you don't believe improvements are needed. Which brings me to the cons of perfection... which allows people to have an attitude of entitlement of the expectations of things to be with no issues. In my eyes that doesn't exist because we're here to learn, adapt and improve as individuals

THE HOW ( Perfection)

How ? There's only one way in my opinion, to have an open mind about things. With your imagination and education. With a stronger imagination you open up to many possibilities which directly leads to losing ego so you can let yourself actually be taught something new. It all goes together

SUPPORT (Perfection)

Nothing can be done alone and you require support whether if its from your family, friends , media and so on. Be open to receive support, It doesn't make you weak it makes you strong. Good leaders are even better followers and in order to get as much support as possible you have to sometimes allow another to take a lead in something that isn't your area of expertise. Be vulnerable and allow yourself to be helped

Choice ( Perfect )

It comes down to one final thing, making that choice. Commanding yourself to do it. Commanding yourself to have an open mind about perfect and how not to miss use it. Only to use to strengthen yourself and those around you. Perfect and its phrases is often not only overused but also misused. My name is Darryl Mulo, thank you for reading my blog. Like always get better everyday

Sincerely by

Darryl Mulo

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