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We live in a world where negativity is applauded. What I mean is by the ratings , by the media and by the stats. We communicate we like the negative things which can be a problem especially when it comes to the words we listen to. In most cases it’s negative. So how can we be more aware of the power of words ? read below to see more

Its our duty to know. There‘s been multiple studies , research and evidence of the power of words When it comes to the vibration of energy each word we use creates. Look on Youtube for power of words experiment. The first video you’ll see is “THE IMPOSSIBLE RICE EXPERIMENT” . It shows even ignoring can be as bad as speaking negativity. Which is very surprising...

How we can be more aware of the power of words is by doing our own research and forming our own opinions based on that research. It’s extremely dangerous to be Left in the dark. The next thing you can do is think about all the people you lookup to .... how’s their mindset? what do they talk about? What are their beliefs? Does it match that of negative or positive?

Your support comes from those that have done it before you. Meaning those who have lived life before you. what they would do to attack a situation, how they would affirm. What they would do to stay away from negative thoughts and words. In addition more importantly not ignoring themselves? Maybe ?

In conclusion you have all the information. It’s up to you to use it to inspire yourself to really consider why words can be so powerful. Whether if you are receiving them or giving them. Take into account for all of it. Remember also not to ignore. Always speak what you want , always think about what you want. Are you convinced words are powerful ? Why?

Like always get better everyday

”Optimize Yourself”

Yours Truly

Mulo Motivation

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