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I used to think it was a joke when I used to hear this saying "Mamba Mentality" but it basically means to go out to your craft and focus dominating regardless of what problems you have away from business. In 2004 the Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard was going through some accusations about a sexual assault. Dealing with that and a potential divorce he still went back and forth to the courts in Colorado and LA for home games ready to play. He said he'll allow Kobe to handle that business and the Black mamba handle business on the basketball court. This is wear mamba mentality came from. So how can us pedestrians use it also?

It's a have to remember that. We go through things, and that's every single one of us but how do we still get business done despite that? We focus on what we can control.. That's ourselves, there's nothing worse than feeling like you're losing control of everything include your own self. That bites, I don't know about you. Why not take control of the only thing you have control over. Below I will go in more detail how you can go about it

Obviously you want to be in control of yourself but how? That's the trick. You ask questions. Can the situation I am in change ? It's there anything I can do about it? Is it within my control? If all the above is no and the answer will usually be that. You have to compose yourself, think critically instead of acting based on emotion and taking the correct coarse of action while you have calmed down. I promise things will find a way to be better but you have to control your emotions or it will feel like things can't get any better than that situation.

Meditation, deep breathing, positive self talk and remembering times when you've overcome something at any point of your life. This self support is necessary. If you don't take this step things will crumble slowly and steadily. It's all about the energy you put out. Mamba mentality is all about exerting a focused mindset on the task that needs to be done and in order to do that you need to be in a clear and focused state of mind. Respect to players like Kobe for having this ability which made them even more unstoppable in his craft. You couldn't get in his head. You have to be the same

Now you know what you need to do. What coarse of action will you take to develop that inner "Mamba Mentality" ? At the end of every blog I ask you the question what your coarse of action will be but today I want to ask you if you believe having the mindset to focus on your craft effectively despite your off topic issues... doesn't that make you more of a threat?

Think about it... like always get better everyday

"Optimize Yourself"

Mulo Motivation

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