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Situation is the word is used far too often. People like to use it so lightly because they do not truly understand the real meaning behind it. Consistency is underrated in that sense because it implies a lifestyle, how can you be consistent at some then all of a sudden stop? Temporal consistency and consistency don't mean the same thing. It is a hard truth to grasp but that's the case. It comes down to mindset... let's talk about it

The goal is be honest with ourselves especially when using words like consistency, dedication , drive , hunger, discipline and hard working. We know what the word means but in a way we joke with it. Using it so lightly when it means a coarse of action. Let's be actionable consistently so the word itself isn't something that everybody can use so lightly. It actually becomes rated. Actions always speak louder than words.

Ways we can make the word not so underrated is to see for ourselves with action. There's a difference between someone that always says they are consistent and someone that truly is. It's almost as if the consistency itself will do the talking. One of the reasons why I say consistency is underrated is because when I look at a Micheal Jordan, Kobe Bryant , Lebron James , Will Smith etc... these people were consistent yet you don't hear them using it in speech for a badge of honor. Their mastery of each of their individuals crafts shows that... so how come most of the people that say they are consistent , haven't mastered s*** ? That's when it becomes underrated. When random people get to use the word like they know what it means

I know it's harsh and hurts but even myself , I don't know what it truly means because I haven't gone through it. It's just like saying as a man, its easy to deliver a baby but we know that's not true. We can't be in a position to describe it because we haven't gone through it or stating it's easy to be a man, when you haven't been one before and gone through what one has does. Let's be careful what kinds of words we use, because in all honesty we cannot know until experience. In this blog experience is your support, consistency becomes rated when you have done it so long you have a craft mastered. You've walked, talked, eaten, slept consistently. You've mastered it.

With all of that being said. Words are powerful and they become underrated when we use them so lightly. Words can bless and curse but also each has a purpose. Just like your own name, someone calls it when they need you right? how annoying would it be if your name is being called but none needs you? It's the same concept. Let's use our words wisely especially when it comes to words like "consistency" . In my eyes it truly disrespects those that have actually done it to make our world a better place. I understand sometimes you fall off the wagon but its one thing to say consistency and another to be consistency... My question today is ' Do people make ( CONSISTENCY UNDERRATED ) ? Like always get better everyday

"Optimize Yourself"

Mulo Motivation

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