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We get envious when we see another with that trophy, reward , promotion in other words being in first. But here comes the problem, some of us get entitled and believe that we deserve more ... even when we don't exactly putting in the work. First comes with a lot of responsibility, ups and downs that means and the sooner we understand that the easier things will become moving forward.

Of course it is easier said than to do but it can be done. One of the ways to really know if you want to be first is if you are willing accept what that comes with. You cannot ask for a leadership position and expect to be treated like a follower but your actions will be judge far more. That's only a small example, it doesn't matter what phase in life you are with first comes a lot of things. You have to ready to take that on as a new challenge day in and out.

One of the ways you can know if you really want to be first is first asking... I'm I ready for what it is going to take and what it comes with. With glory comes a lot more responsibility and if you feel you are ready to face the consequences whether if its positive or negative then i'd take it on but if not then I wouldn't complain about being last. Of course it begins with a mindset but then everything has to follow. The work ethic, discipline, determination, drive, responsibility and humility to not only be first but to also maintain it.

Do you have a role model that those things at the end of that fourth paragraph describe? I am sure you do, you can look to do what they did to have those characteristics because that's what will be required of you. Most influencers in the media, television etc... have a lot of these similar traits so I'd look to them for guidance and support.

Finally what's your move going be? what will you do? The information is there, but now it's about putting it into use. Like I stated in the titled. "First? , what it comes with" So what do you believe being first comes with? Now that you know how will you use to get better today.


Yours Truly

Mulo Motivation

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