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Protect your energy

We live in a time of instant gratification and its super common and super difficult to not only avoid using energy in the wrong places but also protecting that energy against temptations and things all human beings may desire but aren't always for us at a given moment

Knowing all of this its vital to know what to do if you want to go far. Especially as a man because society doesn't seem to recognize anything we do. It only seems to find the wrong we do so lets do as little as possible wrong. Let's be the superheros we are meant to be. That's going to come with a lot of discipline and knowing how to withstand things now to look forward 10 , 15, 20 years later

How we want to execute this is by knowing what our goals are. Taking the time to research what it would require. The rest is up to us as individual to start the execution. Part of protecting your energy is putting that energy into something that gives you more energy instead of drain you. That is the reason I emphasize knowing , having discipline to execute it after research. When you go after a goal which is good for you , it gives you more energy

Its very hard to find support because not very many have the discipline, commitment, determination and maturity to even want to take this step. This is something you'll have to manifest with your vibration of energy you have been not only protecting but also acquiring. The support will come in time , I promise. Like minded people will step your way when the timing is right

Now that we have most of what you need to hear. Now its up to you to command yourself to take action and start right away. This is something you cannot regret. It only takes a few on earth to be able to do something this challenging. Be the superhero you were meant to be. Be the best version of yourself and always strive for more greatness

Like always get better everyday

"Optimize Yourself"

Mulo Motivation

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